Thank you for visiting my site.  You likely found my name by reading the Michael Lewis's bestseller "Flash Boys" and becoming familiar with my story of being wrongfully prosecuted in 2009 for an alleged policy violation of creating a mixed copy of open/proprietary source code upon leaving Goldman Sachs and joining a trading startup.  If you sympathize with my story, and would like to help me offset the legal costs, please donate.

That legal case resulted in an acquittal in the NY federal court, which found that I was charged for a crime that I didn't commit.  Subsequently in 2012, after acquittal in the federal court, the NY State's DA initiated the case at the state-level court based on the same incident.  That case also resulted in an acquittal in 2015 by the trial judge Daniel Convisor.  The NY state case was appealed by the DA's office, which managed to convince the NY State Court of Appeals to reverse one count by broadly interpreting the law in government's favor, and directly contradicting the decisions of 5 judges in the federal and state courts on the same subject of tangibility of digital copy of information.  Correspondingly, as bizarre as it sounds, I was convicted by NY state for the same reason that I was acquitted of in the NY federal court located in the adjacent building, but treated as a separate jurisdiction, and therefore not abiding to double jeopardy that prevents an accused person from being tried again on the same (or similar) charges following an acquittal.  The same appellate court denied our petition to challenge their decision on double jeopardy grounds.  After the ruling of the appellate court, at DA's request, the NY State trial judge sharply criticized the reversal decision of the appealate court, and sentenced me to time served with no punishment.  The case involved no damages and no actual harm, yet was eagerly prosecuted for a number of years.  I remained free for the entire duration of battling the charges of the NY State case, yet this fight for justice dealt a significant financial blow to me and my family.  I am thankful to my attorneys, Kevin Marino, John Tortorella, John Boyle and Rosanne Dal Pra, who carried on by my side in the legal fight, even at times when I was out of funds.

The details of the case can be found here.

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